Horse Treats

Many horse owners like to give their animals horse treats. Like other animals that we keep as pets and indeed as we do ourselves, horse like treats themselves every now and then. But as with the rest of us, these treats should be given on an occasional basis and as part of a balanced and healthy diet to make sure they keep fit and in a good condition. Too many treats may not be so good for them either!

Some horse owners make their own horse treats; some prefer to buy their treats ready made. Horses, like humans, may however have very distinct tastes and may prefer some types of treats to others. Some horses may have a sweet tooth; others may prefer to eat savoury sweets. Common types of standard treats include apples and carrots. These should be cut up into pieces where possible to avoid the risk of choking and harm.

Many horses will view a mint as one of their preferred horse treats. Other options that can be given on an occasional basis include sugar cubes, some forms of seeds such as sunflower seeds and some dried fruits such as raisins. Horses often have a sweet tooth when it comes to the treats that they like.

Buying ready made horse treats may be easier for many people. Feeding a horse sugar cubes all of the time may not be that good for them and you may find healthier options to buy. Many horses will like small specially made hay cubes, for example. There are also a variety of ready made treats you can buy that may be worth looking at.

Some horse treats are lick based. These are often designed to give the animal an extra boost of minerals and vitamins when they lick their blocks. Other treats are more bite-based. So, for example, you could look at buying treats that are based around tastes and foods that most horses like. So, some are based on fruits such as apples, some are based on sweet substances such as honey and molasses and some are made to have a minty taste.

Some horse treats are based on savoury tastes. So, for example, you could buy garlic or herb flavoured treats that also contain foods that are goods for horses. Carrot flavoured treats may also be popular with many horses. Many savoury based treats are based around salt licks as getting enough salt can be important to the diet of a horse in general.